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Supporting Siblings

Emma Durman, Autside

Wednesday, 15th of May 2024, 10:00am - 12:00pm

About the session
This session is designed to help those supporting the sibling(s) of an autistic/neurodivergent child/young person. It includes:

  • How we can support siblings to develop an understanding of autism
  • How best to provide appropriate information
  • Exploring family dynamics
  • Understanding the Sibling perspective
  • Practical strategies to support family relationships and daily life

About the presenter
Emma Durman is co-director of Autside Education & Training, a company based in South Wales that specialises in Autism and related conditions. Autside provides a range of training to families and professionals focussed on supporting neurodivergent needs. Emma is a late diagnosed autistic woman who also has ADHD and multiple co-existing conditions. She is also mum to an Autistic teenager who also has ADHD. Emma has a MSc in Autism and related conditions and is co-author of the recently published book ‘Supporting Autistic people through pregnancy and childbirth’.

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(Please note: this session is for parents & carers only)